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First Responder Appreciation Night

Category : 2013 News

responder1It was almost 1 year ago to the day that Superstorm Sandy reeked havoc upon the East Coast, especially the residents of Long Island. Towns were devastated, homes were lost and lives were turned upside down. Although the storm and destruction were unprecedented, more lives could have been lost and the world could have been a much harsher place if it wasn’t for the brave men and women that server everyday as first responders.

Paumanok-Port Washington lodge felt it was time that these men and women were responder2honored for their tireless work. Representatives from the different divisions of police, fire and rescue were invited for a dinner and plaque presentation thanking them for all their hard work.

It was a great honor to have such a nice turn out and we look forward to doing it again.

2013 FamilyFest – Another MSID Success

Category : 2013 News

msid2As has been done annually over the last few years, PPW 855 once again ran a successful Safety ID event at the Town of North Hempstead Beach Park FamilyFest. The weather was warm, the sky was clear and we made ID’s for over one hundred seniors, teens and children. We had help from brethren of the lodge and their children. Check us out a Harborfest in June.msid1

Smells Like Someone is Bar-B-Queuing

Category : 2013 News

bbqThis past August, the Worshipful Master the annual lodge Bar-B-Que at his home. Although the weather was hot, the turnout was great. Everyone shared stories, drank beer and scotch, and at enough food to feed a small village. It’s quite possible we did feed a small village. The kids splashed in the pool and played with the Senior Warden’s puppy. It was a great start to what is sure to be a great Masonic year.

45 Years a Mason

Category : 2013 News

lester_jeremyOne of our goals this year is to try and personally present the years of service awards to those brothers that were unable to attend the installation ceremonies in June. Our first stop was with W. Lester Kent, who received his 45 year pin and certificate. It was great hearing about his stories from the army to when he worked for Mr. Hefner and the Playboy empire. We wish W. Kent 45 more years of Freemasonry.lester_patrick

Harborfest Success

Category : 2013 News

Harborfest 2013 – an overwhelming success. As in past years, the brothers of PPW #855 participated in the 2013 Port Washington Harborfest at the town dock. Over 125 children and adults were provided ID’s free of charge. The greatest success though, was the number of participants that volunteered. Throughout the short time we were there, over 30 brothers and family members gave up their Sunday afternoon to participate in this great cause.