W. Justin Staley

For those who attended my Installation, you will remember I spoke to my main inspirations for justinbecoming a Mason. My father being the biggest reason, my uncle Brian also served a large part in that. In fact, he implemented the four virtues we are taught to follow as Masons – Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude & Justice – into the curriculum of the Port Washington CAC Summer Program, of which he serves on the Executive Board. I worked at the PW CAC summer program for many years, as counselor and eventually program coordinator.

When I first learned of the four virtues at the young age of 15, I honestly was not aware of their connection to Masonry. I simply learned the definitions and taught them to the Mayas and the Zulus, as the young participants in our program were called.

  • Prudence – to think before you act
  • Temperance – to avoid excess
  • Fortitude – to stand one’s ground
  • Justice – to always enforce that which is fair

As we all know, teaching involves repetition in order to commit things to memory. So of course when these four virtues came up during my Masonic enlightenment, I immediately remembered them from my childhood. Only now, they had taken on greater meaning in conjunction with the manner in which they were presented to me. And I have never been the same since. These four virtues have thus served as a guide for the way I leave my life and treat others.

I encourage you all my Brothers, to find the teaching or teachings available in the vast amount of Light we as privileged Freemasons receive that speak and relate directly to you. Use those words as a guide to continue moving forward from that rough ashlar to the perfect.

May the glory of God be with you all.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
W. Justin Staley