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Installation 2012

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Congratulations to the newly appointed, elected and installed officers of Paumanok-Port Washington Lodge no. 855. You’re a good cohesive team and everyone should expect a great year under the leadership of the new Master, W. David Pierri.

Newly Raised Brothers

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Congratulations are in order for the four new Master Masons raised in Paumanok – Port Washington Lodge this month. A tip of the hat is also in order for the officers and members on a fine job in the conferral of the degree, especially Wor. Justin Staley for the excellent conferral of the Master’s work.

Welcome aboard Bro. John Ciampi, Bro. Joel Rosenzweig, Bro. Eric Gothelf and Bro. Matthew Taheri.

A Historic Meeting

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PH_visit3February 28th 2012 will forever be marked as a historic day for PPW Lodge. On this day, for the first time ever, we were visited by brethren from a local lodge of Prince Hall Masonry. Brother Lorenzo Rochester, Past Master & Past Dean, Brother Jean Joseph,PH_visit1 Recording Secretary and Brother James Lowe, Junior Deacon hailing from Doric Lodge #53 of Hempstead, NY broke bread (well fortune cookies as the dinner for the night was Chinese) and joined us in our meeting. Bro. Rochester gave a us a brief talk regarding Prince Hall Masonry. The feeling of fellowship, brotherhood and camaraderie was felt in the air. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long lasting connection between lodges and brothers.

The Boys are Back!

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On Saturday January 14th, PPW #855 celebrated their After-the-Holidays Holiday Party at their old stomping grounds, Sullivan’s Quay on Port Washington Blvd. Just like old times, the brothers were out in large numbers, along with their spouses and children. It was also great to see a few of the newly initiated Entered Apprentices join in the festivities.